Client Portal

Flexible ESI review, management and collaboration platform

Whether you are producing or consuming Electronically Stored Information, managing discovery production or review can quickly become complicated, time consuming and expensive. Navigating discovery issues such as the pros and cons of native format production, multiple custodians, database queries, cloud storage and dozens of types of metadata presents unique challenges and opportunities compared to legacy discovery review protocols.

The days of sitting in a conference room reviewing banker boxes of paper documents are over. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, predictive coding and other nascent automated approaches show promise for the future but as it stands today, most eDiscovery implementations are simply what you get from a team of software developers trying to replicate human intuition and experience.

Our client services eDiscovery portal uses industry standard encryption to protect your data and provides permissions based access to a variety of stakeholders, collaborative review, rolling productions, searching, filtering, sorting, redaction and a host of other features.

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