Our Software

Each tool is designed to support, leverage and extend the other tools

There are numerous “Forensic” tools available these days. Some tools claim to be “validated by numerous courts”, “the defacto standard” or “the world leader”.   Before you drink the marketing kool-aid remember that while a craftsman may be judged by their tools, the tool does not the craftsman make.


Multiple versions of Live CDs customized for forensic work.

SMART for Linux

Integrated acquisition, authentication and analysis in an intuitive GUI.

SmartMount (Windows / Linux / Macintosh)

Very flexible image mounting and virtualization engine.

Grok-NTFS (Windows / Linux / Macintosh)

NTFS file system analysis tool with data visualization.

Grok-LNK (Windows / Linux / Macintosh)

NTFS file system link analysis tool. (beta)

SAW (Windows / Linux / Macintosh)

Data Acquisition and optimization framework.

SMART Enterprise Response (Linux)

Enterprise scalable e-Discovery and document production suite.

Expert Witness (Windows)

Expert Witness for Windows is now sold under the name EnCase.
Encase is not supported or endorsed by ASR Data.
ASR Data continues to support Expert Witness for Windows users.
For more information about Guidance Software and EnCase, check here and here.