SMART for Linux

SMART is a software utility that has been designed and optimized to support data forensic practitioners and Information Security personnel in pursuit of their respective duties and goals.


The SMART software and methodology have been developed with the intention of integrating technical, legal and end-user requirements into a complete package that enables the user to perform their job most effectively and efficiently.

SMART is more than a stand-alone data forensic program. The features of SMART allow it to be used in many scenarios, including:

  • “Knock-and-talk” inquiries and investigations
  • on-site or remote preview of a target system
  • post mortem analysis of a dead system
  • testing and verification of other forensic programs
  • conversion of proprietary “evidence file” formats
  • baselining of a system

Who Uses SMART?

SMART is currently in use by:

  • Federal, State and local Law Enforcement
  • U.S. Military and Intelligence Organizations
  • Accounting Firms
  • Data forensic examiners
  • Data recovery specialists
  • Disaster recovery professionals
  • Information security professionals
  • Health care privacy professionals
  • Internal auditors
  • System Administrators

SMART has been widely accepted by the Law Enforcement, legal and Corporate communities.

The following pages will show you some of the things SMART can do. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so there are many screenshots to be viewed. Each page links to the next, so start at the top and take the whole SMART tour!

SMART in General
SMART Acquisition
SMART Authentication
SMART Filesystem Operations
SMART Searching
SMART Reporting


Download SMART Evaluation version

Already running your favorite Linux? The evaluation version lets you try the program to see how it works. The evaluation version does not allow you to write any data. The evaluation version allows you to download just the SMART for Linux program instead of the full ISO. SMART has been designed to run on most 2.x  –  3.x linux kernels. Many SMART users are running Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora, SuSE, Mandriva, Debian, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Slackware and SMART Linux. Installation is quick and easy and full documentation is included.

MD5SUM 150f17b4b086184bf91600e6ce1d8d88
SIZE 6,616,349 bytes
DATE December 23, 2015

Download SMART full version

This is the full version of SMART for Linux.
This version requires a Unikey USB hardware key (aka dongle) in order to run.

MD5SUM f89b931b0f70635715a09265aa31617e
SIZE 6,635,440 bytes
DATE December 23, 2015

Download SMART System Branded

Lost your dongle or running ASR Data tools on a server, embedded system
or remote / unsecured deployment?

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SIZE 4,705,563 bytes
DATE December 23, 2015