About Us

ASR has a rich history of developing comprehensive forensic methodologies and tools.

How We Began

In 1984, ASR Data began providing custom software solutions to companies that needed vertical market software tailored to their specific requirements.


In 1992, ASR Data was asked to develop a software tool and methodology to support the unique requirements of the law enforcement community. At that time, conducting a computer investigation was a tedious, time consuming process which required the use of several single-purpose DOS command line utilities. Investigators were forced to image original media to tape or a disk, then restore the image to another disk. Searching the evidence was limited to one search term at a time and recovering deleted files was accomplished by using off-the-shelf software which was never designed to support the forensic process. Often times, the process changed data and analysts had to restore the image several times.


We sat down with leading authorities from the legal and law enforcement communities and took a close look at the forensic process and what was needed. One of the greatest challenges was the fact that there was no precedent for what we were trying to create. Nobody had done it before, there was no pattern to follow, no giants shoulders to stand on and no failures to learn from. As it turns out, this was also the greatest factor which enabled us to innovate and create something completely new.


Where We Are Today


By any standard, our efforts have been very successful. Our software and methodology are in use by Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world. Investigators are able to perform a comprehensive forensic protocol with less hardware, less specialized training and in less time than with any other tool.


We feel it is this track record of innovative solutions combined with our reputation of outstanding service, support and integrity which has contributed to our continued success and growth.


Having nifty software is great, but nifty software doesn’t win cases. Integrity, experience and credibility are fundamental ingredients in successful litigation.