Electronic Discovery

Why are there so many eDiscovery vendors and why is it so expensive?

There is a large (and growing) compendium of cases where Electronic Discovery has identified compelling and dispositive evidence. Emails, social media content and numerous other forms of “low hanging fruit” are fairly common and readily understood. Often times however, the “smoking gun” exists in a more esoteric format that does not readily lend itself to a bates labeled printout.

It is difficult to overstate the pervasive and ubiquitous nature of electronically stored information. The volume of information that may be responsive to a well crafted discovery request continues to grow exponentially, along with the complexity of heterogeneous file formats and data representations. Many electronic discovery service providers pay exorbitant licensing fees for “black box” software that allows them to ingest large quantities of data, process and catalog that data, categorize and deduplicate that data, remove data not likely to be responsive and tag, search and index the data that remains. This means the consumer is often times paying (multiple times) for data that they never see or need.

To make matters worse, lawyers and paralegals often times need to tackle a steep learning curve or receive specialized training just to make a simple inquiry or generate a standard report. ASR Data provides secure, permission based access and visibility to all facets of evidence document collections, work product and case related data in a way that facilitates in-house collaboration, rolling productions, redactions, privilege logs and numerous other work-flow centric processes. This is provided to unlimited and disparate stake holders at no additional charge.

Results generated from the technical analysis and review of Electronically Stored Information may be of little practical value unless the information can be effectively presented. The presentation of information is often times as important as the information itself. Facts, findings and opinions are presented in clear, concise terms.

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