SMART Linux is a live CD distribution of Linux, customized and designed for Data Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Incident Response. Every aspect of SMART Linux has been optimized and configured for producing a clean, non-invasive, forensically sound operating system environment.

SMART Linux Features

  • SMART Linux is non-invasive.
  • SMART Linux will not auto-mount filesystems.
  • SMART Linux will not use SWAP partitions.
  • Attaching evidentiary media is worry free.

SMART Linux includes many of the programs you’d expect to find on a good Boot CD like file managers, graphics viewers, editors, calculators, email clients, web browsers, ftp clients and many, many more. SMART Linux also allows you to download, install and run thousands of other programs and tools quickly and easily.

In addition, SMART Linux comes with numerous forensic analysis tools that enable you to preview, assess, acquire, authenticate and analyze storage devices, identify and recover deleted files, search filesystems, search raw data, aggregate and inspect numerous types of metadata, search and carve data from unallocated space, document your findings, share your results, enable secure remote acquisition and collaboration and much more.

SMART Linux includes several highly useful tools you won’t find anywhere else, already installed and configured.

Why Use SMART Linux?

  • SMART Linux is able to withstand the most rigorous technical and legal challenges.
  • SMART Linux allows you to spend more time working your cases and less time maintaining your “workhorse” system(s).
  • SMART Linux is scalable and requires minimal system resources.
  • SMART Linux allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure and deploy a standards based solution in the lab and in the field.
  • SMART Linux allows you to interact with your cases securely from any Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer, anywhere in the world.
  • SMART Linux allows you to deploy a fully configured forensic environment in a few minutes.

Who uses SMART Linux?

SMART Linux is used by numerous law enforcement and government agencies, the United States Military and Intelligence communities, Forensic Examiners and Private Investigators, E-Discovery, Litigation Support, Compliance Assurance, Information Assurance, Incident Response, Information Security and numerous other disciplines and applications.

Are Training and Support Available?

Training is offered around the world. Additional details may be found HERE.

Additional support options are available. Please call 512-918-9227 to see how we can help support your mission.

Download an ISO image

This is a live CD, based on the exceptional Ubuntu Linux distribution. The environment has been modified so as to be non-invasive to media connected or presented to the system. The CD contains the latest versions of SMART, SmartMount, SAW, and numerous other tools designed to facilitate data forensics, data recovery, incident response, E-discovery and information assurance.

DOWNLOAD ISO SMART-Ubuntu-2014-06-19.iso
MD5SUM d3f92d4af8c3fcb3227578259e63cb09
SIZE 734,248,960 bytes
DATE June 19, 2014